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I shouldn’t say that. I eat pretty well. Mostly coffee and donuts, but like, a lot of coffee and donuts. Like, no shortage. It’s also not really something to joke about. But we’re getting way off-topic here…

I’ve got some paintings on display right now! Can you believe it? Me! Showing my paintings? Noooo… but yeah! Totally am, bro! Some paintings from my pilgrimage-thing to Italy from last Summer are up at Starving Artist on Lansdowne! Right here in sunny* Toronto.

*It’s definitely been sunny at some point. It has happened. I’m reasonably sure of this.

Right up until these went up on the walls a grand total of approximately (I say approximately cause when you’re dealing with number that are this astronomical… well… accuracy is nearly impossible) 5 people had ever seen them. So pretty rad to think these were NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN paintings! And I suppose there’s also the fact that they’ve got my goddam heart and soul mixed right in with the paint… you know, if you like that kind of thing.

There are ten of them! Go take a look! Have a great breakfast while you’re at it! Starving Artist definitely comes Corey-recommended. What the hell have you got to lose?

Always beware of reflections when taking cellphone pictures...

Always beware of reflections when taking cellphone pictures…

This statue looks awfully familiar, doesn't it?

This statue looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

I promised myself I'd go back and take better pictures at some point. I didn't do that.

I promised myself I’d go back and take better pictures at some point. I didn’t do that.




But yo, if we can be real for a second here, it’s time for a confession… I have a pretty hilariously small amount of experience with hanging paintings. Keep in mind I tried. Oh, I did try. But these aren’t perfectly¬†straight. Maybe even a little lopsided and uneven. There, I said it. Now you know. Ha! But what are YOU gonna do about it? I friggin dare ya to go in there with a level and see if they don’t tell ya to siddown, shaddap and order some goddam waffles. That’s what I thought, waffles or gtfo.

A Week on the West Coast

YO! Back in October I was visiting my bros Mike and Mariah in ol’ Victoria, BC! It was great! I had a good chance to see a lot of the– wait, what? …you don’t care? Drawings? Hey, I’ll tell a backstory if I want to, bud… Oh yeah? Well maybe I don’t care that you don’t care, you ever think of that, BUD?


Well imaginary arguments aside, I did a bunch of sketching over there!

These mountains are the Olympic Mountain range in Washington state. Pretty rad! Lemme just sacrifice a bull and pop across the wine-dark sea on my long-prowed ship!

Painting water is just... BRO. It's bro. I could bro that bro forever, bro. Fuuuuuckin' bro.

Painting water is just… BRO. It’s bro. I could bro that bro forever, bro. Fuuuuuckin’ bro.

I THOUGHT that this mountain might have been a Canadian one, but on some slightly further investigation, I’m pretty sure it’s also part of the States. Anyhow, it’s not part of the Olympic range, it’s off the East side of the island. Er, I guess the East side of Victoria, for those of us keeping track on a map.


And if your maps are still out, this is from up on a hill (Gonzalez hill) sorta facing back towards that first drawing and the breakwater where I sat when I drew it.


This is the legislature building on the Inner Harbour.

I was the subject of at least three different tourist-photos while I was sitting there. Photos from a set that will likely be forgotten and buried in an untitled folder on a soon-to-be-outdated hard drive of an obsolete computer. Which actually hasn't happened to me since Italy. STILL GOT IT.

I was the subject of at least three different tourist-photos while I was sitting here. Perhaps just a single photo from a set that will be forgotten and buried in an untitled folder on the soon-to-be-outdated hard drive of an obsolete computer. Which actually hasn’t happened to me since Italy. STILL GOT IT.

Some sketches (good and bad) from the Royal BC Museum.


Interesting sidenote, these are actually the worst drawings I've ever done.

Interesting sidenote, these seals are actually the worst drawings I’ve ever done.



Yo, ROM, you JEALOUS, bro??

Ever have lunch with a peacock in front of a castle? Sounds pretty good, eh? It’s kinda like a soft version of “ever dance with the devil in a pale moonlight?”

Ok, so the castle was behind me when I drew this. What? I like water.

Ok, so the castle was behind me when I drew this. What? I like water.

It seemed like there were always mountains just on the edge of the horizon everywhere you look in Victoria (another thing that hasn’t happened since Italy!). It’s pretty ideal. Kinda like how deer are “pests” out there. Geez¬†and the sunshine, the bike lanes and the free-roaming peacocks are a real big problem, too. SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY NICE PLACE, EH? Don’t even get me started on their craft beer epidemic. Anyhow, as I was saying about the mountains, the sky just behind them always had a really soft yellow glow to it that I kept trying to capture in my sketches. I think this last one is the closest I got. How about that, eh?


As an extra point of interest, all of the following names were considered for this post:

A Veek in Victoria, A Birder’s Guide to South Eastern Vancouver Island, Bros Will Be Bros, Bro Is As Bro Does, How I Learned to Relax and Love the West Coast, British Columbia for Dummies: Victoria Edition, Why I’ve Never Seen a Whale, The Trouble With Peacocks, Hey Bros Can I Sleep on Your Couch?, #firsttovisit, What I Did on Mt. Doug and Why, Don’t Go Down That Road There, BC for Basic Bitches, That Dino Don’t Look Right, Randy’s Gut is Full of Greasy Old Oyster Burgers, Selfies Done Right, and That’s Not The Proper Nomenclature.

One further point of interest:

Approximately 5% of the previous list was actually considered.

Coupla Sketches

Whew, don’t wanna let things get too far away from me on here, so here’s a quick post… An aperitif, if you will… An appetizer, perhaps… Calm before the storm, maybe…? HA! The model didn’t show up at the ol’ Waterloo life drawing the other day, so instead everyone sat for a 25-ish minute portrait. Seems appropriate, considering all the people I’ve drawn lately have been made of marble!





This guy had a pretty rad Zelda t-shirt on.


Feels like a pretty clear "this is a waste of my time" look on his face, but you never know. (He seemed like a nice guy)

Nature Morte

IT’S NO SECRET that I like to paint still lives. (Hey, just because it’s not a secret doesn’t mean you’d automatically KNOW it, it’s just not a secret, ok?) Anyhow, in the majesty and beauty and whatnot of Italia, I managed to restrain myself MOST OF THE TIME from hermitting-up and just painting in my studio, as is my wont. Y’know, as you do.

Well I couldn’t help it the WHOLE time, especially after I bought a little bronze bat! And two of my favourite things to paint are bronze and fruit, and there sure was a lot of fruit making it’s way through my apartment… (cups and shells are pretty goddam high on my list, too… WHEW, good combos)

I think that’s about as poetically as I could put it… TWO STILL LIVES! HA! It’s a fruit bat! Take a look!

You don't even know how many apricots I've eaten... It borders on indecent.

You don't even know how many apricots I've eaten... It borders on indecent.

Sigh... Just lemme die with a brush in my hand... Hmm, donno if I have time to die though, not with all the paintings left to be painted.

Full Circles and Boss Battles

YO YO YO. Ok, I won’t pull any punches here, I AM BACK IN CANADA. Oh, I know, I could have kept up the illusion of being in Italy for many months to come (god knows I have the material for it, geeeezus…) and thanks to the smoke and mirrors of the innernet no one woulda been the wiser… Unless you happened to see me on the street, I guess. That’d be a bit weird.

Anyway, anyway, I’m getting off topic, I HAVE RETURNED. Haha, whooo! But I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the drawins and paintins and stuff I did while I was over there… So I got PLENTY of stuff to show ya on here.

Let’s go with this fer now… I mentioned a few posts back that my roomate for the summer was a plaster copy of Zucchone, a Donatello statue from the Duomo in Florence. And across the street from my apartment was the church of San Frediano in Cestello, and I could see the dome and the bell tower from my window! Well anyhow, right off-the-bat in the beginning of June I painted both of them, and then in the last week or so I painted them both again! I think there are some pretty interesting and pretty sincere differences in execution and technique and well, in skill, but I’ll let you decide fer yerself! So here’s some full circle painting experiences and some of my final boss battles before I got the hell outta there! Level-up, bros, because we must paint.





And remember, Italy is a state of mind.

Whatever that means.