Full Circles and Boss Battles

YO YO YO. Ok, I won’t pull any punches here, I AM BACK IN CANADA. Oh, I know, I could have kept up the illusion of being in Italy for many months to come (god knows I have the material for it, geeeezus…) and thanks to the smoke and mirrors of the innernet no one woulda been the wiser… Unless you happened to see me on the street, I guess. That’d be a bit weird.

Anyway, anyway, I’m getting off topic, I HAVE RETURNED. Haha, whooo! But I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the drawins and paintins and stuff I did while I was over there… So I got PLENTY of stuff to show ya on here.

Let’s go with this fer now… I mentioned a few posts back that my roomate for the summer was a plaster copy of Zucchone, a Donatello statue from the Duomo in Florence. And across the street from my apartment was the church of San Frediano in Cestello, and I could see the dome and the bell tower from my window! Well anyhow, right off-the-bat in the beginning of June I painted both of them, and then in the last week or so I painted them both again! I think there are some pretty interesting and pretty sincere differences in execution and technique and well, in skill, but I’ll let you decide fer yerself! So here’s some full circle painting experiences and some of my final boss battles before I got the hell outta there! Level-up, bros, because we must paint.





And remember, Italy is a state of mind.

Whatever that means.

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