Well, well, well… Look who came crawling back.

HELLO! Hello, yes! Yes, hello! Welcome! Welcome back! It’s been what, two years?

Good friggin’ lord…

ANYHOW, I’m back! Back to WEEKLY posts! Boy, I missed you, loyal reader. And to show it, because you’ve been faithfully checking everyday for the last two years, I got a three-fer for ya today. (Don’t get used to this)

So for starters, MAN OH MAN, the things you find when you clean out your Mom’s house… Check this out! Too bad the Gameboy that came in this box didn’t fare as well against the ravages of time… and nine-year-olds. Still works though, I assure you, but you wouldn’t know from looking at it.

Pretty goddam rad packaging...

Pretty goddam rad packaging...

Yeah, me and me ol’ Ma are giving the place a hell of an overhaul before I skip the continent. It’s amazing how much shit you can fit in a house. But on the bright side this is the fourth garbage day running that we’ve put out at least this much stuff… Not to mention the trips to goodwill, the clothing pickups and the pile of stuff waiting for the scrap metal guy (yeah, we have a scrap metal guy!).



The house is definitely the cleanest it’s been in as long as I can remember. I’m actually starting to run out of things to throw out, and IT TERRIFIES ME. Gonna have to dig into more of that “sentimental” bullshit… oh yeah, burn baby, burn…

What? Artwork? Art blog? Shaddap.

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