Lunch and a Portrait v3.1.5

Ok, so this time around we’ve got a new facet to the action… Steph here couldn’t stay for very long, so instead of a quick painting, I did a quick sketch (which may one day evolve into a quick etching, but we’ll get to that at a later date). Maybe I should call it Snack and Sketch? Snack and a Draw? Kind of like one word, Snackandadraw. Say it, it’s fun.

Until I perfect the name, let’s just say it’s Lunch and a Portrait version 3.1.5. It’s like a half. Yeah. But think of the possibilities… don’t have a few hours? Only 60 minutes to spare? Pssssh, we’ve got a plan for YOU!! Yeah. I’m so cool…

Steph Sketch

Anyway, Steph, I am cheerfully expecting to get a full painting out of you as soon as you have the time! Ahhh yeah.

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