So here we have the second appearance of one Daniel Fusca. I need to digress for a minute though…

One thing I’ve realized from doing all these paintings is (and if I’ve painted you, you probably already know this, because I probably mentioned it… and then did it) that I talk to myself. Seriously. Like, discussing the painting with myself. Mostly at the end, when things are wrapping up… you know, when the tension is high, the stakes are high, and I need some juicing up. Haha ok, maybe not juicing… I think it’s slightly more neurotic than that. It’s honest-to-goodness talking to myself. I do not do it intentionally, I just catch myself doing it. But this whacked-out phenomena proves that I actually am crazy. Like, weird old crazy artist kind of crazy.

But this actually brings up another point worth discussing… that the more into a conversation I am while I’m painting, the slower (or maybe even poorer?) the painting goes. That’s a tough one, because half the deal is hanging out and interacting with the subject. SO! It’s also interesting to note that when I’m reeeeeally concentrating, I don’t say anything at all. Not even talk to myself, like what happened here with Fusca. It was a pretty quick sitting, perhaps owing to my dilly dallying with lunch, but that’s cool. Anyhow, the last hour or so I barely said a word, trying to get things “coherent and readable.” Hahaha, nice. So the point is that I was concentrating hard enough NOT to talk to myself. Innaresting, eh? Let’s not digress any further!

All things considered, this is a pretty rough painting. I think a suggestion of countenance more than anything else.

All things considered, this is a pretty rough painting. I think it's a suggestion of countenance more than anything else.

Lunch consisted of a bean and pesto salad. It was gonna be a quinoa salad, but it turns out we didn’t have any quinoa. Beans it is!! And an Earl Grey that was possibly too good. 56% more tea in every bag?? You fools! It doesn’t need that! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…!!! Delicious. OH AND COOKIES!!! Me and Jessica grabbed us all some cookies from freaking Mylk Uncookies to start with!! Such good cookies… uncookies… I love Mylk Uncookies.

ANOTHER SIDENOTE, just in case I don’t do this enough, is that Jessica read a book about the painter Lucian Freud, Man With a Blue Scarf, which was written from the perspective of the sitter for a portrait. Turns out Lucian talked to himself quite a bit. Similar things like, “oh my yes, that colour should go there,” or “hmmm, what to put here,” “no, that’s not right,” and “yes! That’s it!” Generally it took him at least a year or so to do a portrait throughout multiple sittings. When the author was in front of him, he sometimes had to be careful not introduce a topic of discussion so interesting as to distract Lucian from the painting. If Lucian became so engrossed in the conversation he might not accomplish anything throughout the course of an entire evening’s sitting. Fascinating to find these similarities with another painter, especially Lucian Freud, who I’m not particularly a fan of. BUT as Jessica reminds me more and more of little philosophical similarities between us (she is a very big fan of Freud and his work), I have to say I’m growing to appreciate him more and more and in a very personal way, at that. Bam.

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