Return to the ROM/Retour a la ROM

Guess what?! I got a membership at the ROM! What’s that mean?! ROM all the time! ROM ROM ROM!

What’s at the ROM? DINOSAURS!! What’s not in this post? Drawings of DINOSAURS! Next time, though. I’ve been back a bunch of times since this first time.



And speaking of first times, this was my first time at the ROM since moving to Toronto in January. Whaaaaaaaaaat?? Crazy! What was I waiting for? Money? Well, yeah, probly money. But now I can go all the time! Yessss. I, as you might’ve guessed, am very excited. I usually make my way to the ROM as often as I can. This is probably one of the longest stretches I’ve gone without since 2005, I think. Anyone remember the Feathered Dinosaur exhibit back then?? Oohhhhhhh MAN.

Anyhow, as excited as I was to finally get a pass, I wasn’t really looking forward to their, well, treatment of artists. Since the renovations I kinda noticed they were getting less and less welcoming to anyone drawing. The prices went up, artists were less welcome, pencils only… blah blah blah. To make a long story short, I got yelled at a bunch of different times for a bunch of different stuff. HOWEVER, I had no idea they had lightened up so much! I mean, the ROM is still the coolest, so I figured I’d ignore that stuff… but can you believe it? Backpacks allowed again! Backpacks! My back never felt so good totin’ a pack! Shoot!

Well, as usual, this is stuff that’s only in any way relevant to me, so I’ll move on. Drawing at the ROM. LOTS of drawing at the ROM! This is just the beginning!!

Oh yeah! And the Dinosaurs of Gondwana exhibit is cooooooooll!! Really cool! I recommend it. I’m not big on the multimedia interactive junk, but the dinos are aaaaaaawesome!!

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  1. September 28th, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Corey says:

    I’m just gonna come right out and say it… I love the ROM.

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