The 13th Painting

So everytime I paint someone, I seem to get some kind of weird request… Most of the time I just say no. Haha, donno why, I guess it amuses me to be a jerk for no particular reason (Whoa, does that make me an actual jerk??). For example, Aidan wanted more hair in his painting. What? No man. You got a haircut, you stick with that haircut. Levi wanted me to make her look evil. I said ok, as long as you look evil. She smiled the whole time! That’s not evil!

But I have bowed to a couple… Kristen really likes cadmium red. Like pure, straight out of the tube, cadmium red. And while she didn’t specifically request this, I threw some pure cad on there. I knew if I did she would like the painting just that much more. And then my brother, being the person that he is, wanted to know how his painting, being in the same room as all the others, would differ from the rest. I realized I was wasting my breath in explaining my thoughts on how the subject affects the background and vice versa, and that it’s the personality of the sitter (who is DIFFERENT EVERY TIME) that’s the focus, etc, etc. So I put the front door in the background to shut him up. You don’t see a damn door in the other ones, do ya, bro??

Anyhow, whatever anyone else asked for, no matter what came before, nothing prepared me for Mike.

So Mike is another good ol’ bro from the bike shop. You know, a bro.

For starters, before there even was a start, he asked if we could drink coffee while I painted. Ok, obviously I said yes to that. Shoot. Chocosol? Bam. Then he asked if he could be the 13th Lunch and a Portrait painting… after I had started painting. So later, after some careful counting and the removal of one of my socks, turns out he was. You got that one for free, bro.

Tough to say if I should get into the other stuff he requested… we could be here a while.

Pretty good build up, eh?

Pretty good build up, eh?

Hahaha cool stuff was discussed. Like the Picasso exhibit. I even bumped into Mike while I was THERE, man. You can’t plan that kind of thing. Anyhow, some veeery cool things going with this painting. Donno if I know exactly what… the shadow, the washes… just reeeally came together. I have to say that I think I was plateauing a bit before this. Trevor was an important step for sure, and then I think Mike turned out to be the best one so far. Definitely my favourite to date. I like it how it came out, bros.

Oh! Hey, don’t lemme forget, Jessica made us all a pretty darn good fish stiry fry kind of a deal for dinner. Maaaaan, turbot. Mike actually came by after work one fine Thursday, so we didn’t really get going until about 10, maybe? Nah, maybe it wasn’t that late. But that’s another first that you got out of this, bro. No other night portraits so far. Hence the coffee. Adding sambuca though? You can’t plan that kind of thing…

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    mike.k says:



  2. December 18th, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Corey says:

    How could I?? Not until I hit a number eerier than 13 could anyone be more demanding, bro. You down for painting number 666?? (Before that would work, too)

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