Ok, interesting day. Picasso, bonus coffee (latte, technically, but I don’t wanna sound like a nutter), paninis (speaking of being a nutter, technically “panini,” IS the plural from, making that ‘s’ pretty superfluous) and my freaking brother. Where to start??

I’ll start with a little back-story… Trevor is my brother. Word is that he walked this earth a good many years before I even existed. I cannot, however, confirm this, as I was not there.

Coincidentally, like my Mom is always smiling, my brother is in fact always smirking like that.

Coincidentally, like my Mom is always smiling, my brother is in fact always smirking like that.

SO! I kinda wanna mention the Picasso exhibit at the AGO here… Maaaaaaan, I liked it. I uh, well, never really liked Picasso in any way… at all. UNTIL this exhibit. Seeing his work… well, I think I kinda get it now. For example, when he did one of his more abstract paintings of a figure, y’know, one of them weeeeird ones (like the painting on the exhibit’s ad that’s all over the place), I think he was ACTUALLY seeing beyond the physical. Of course he USED the physical as a means of describing what he was getting at, but he actually managed to remove himself from the confines of realism. I think some of his paintings became a pure expression of his own emotional reactions toward the subject. Some kind of a diagram of exactly what he thought and felt about the model, whoever it happened to be.

I don’t know… at least that’s what I thought. I wouldn’t say I got that universally from all of the paintings. I think you could also tell when he lost interest part way through a painting, but I can definitely understand that mindset, too. And man oh man it was a TREAT to see his prints. MyprintmakingbookbyGaborPeterdihasalotofPicassoprintsasexamples-IthinkhereallylikesPicassoandbaseshisworkonhimprettyheavilyohmanits-agoodbookandIloveprintmakingohmanwhywastheOpenStudioclosedin-AugustIcouldavebeenprintingnoooooo!!!Iloveprintmaking.

Whew. Sorry about that. That as weird.

Cool! Thanks, bro-vor!

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  1. September 10th, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Mom says:

    WOW! You really captured the true Trevor! And I’m your/his mom; I KNOW what he looks like! I was just scrolling down and he popped out like he was IN my screen! Awesome!!

  2. September 12th, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Corey says:

    Thanks, Mooooooom. (Yesss. At least somebody’s reading this…)

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