The Riz

Oh hey again! It’s me, Corey. So! A couple more paintings here. One at a time, one at a time…


Other than Devin, the ONLY person to sit in our pink wingback chair, which I have to say I thoroughly appreciated. Also, impeccably dressed, obviously appreciated. Also, good work sharing my star sign. That was a good choice on your part, Rizzo. Awesome.


Some pretty interesting things happened here.

I think in general this was a pretty short sitting. I don’t think we quite got to three hours. Yes, maybe a little overly ambitious to go for so much in less than three hours, but that’s cool. I like it. I like (as we discussed, HA!) the idea of stopping at the end of a sitting and being ok with the result. For better or worse, richer or poorer, flawed or unflawed, skillful or un—you get the point… To just say, “Yeah. That’s a done painting.” It’s bittersweet and strange and I like it. This one is particularly unfinished, but I’m ok with that. Donno why… maybe it’s a uniform roughness aside from the face? Pfffff… WHO KNOWS!?

And ALSO, I realized while painting Rizzo that I have never painted a tattoo before… I put them in riiiight at the end, and I think they turned out ok… I’ve always liked painting text on an object. Like a label or something. It’s similar in an interesting way in that a tattoo is essentially a 2D image on it’s own… but imprinted across someone’s skin, it’s distorted and distorts and affects the skin. It’s a challenge to generalize it in such a way that doesn’t make it a graphic image or shape, but rather a natural part of the whole. Just like text. You can’t really think of it for what it is; an image. Which is pretty difficult. You have to think of it in terms of light, colour, form and shadow like the rest of the painting. …well, at least in this context. Whoooo! Subjectivity!

Food? One word. Peaches. Peaches, bros. Ontario peaches.

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