Double Whammy

That painting of Hunter sparked a bit of interest around the water cooler at work, as I had hoped… Yessss. Well, I mean I could see the water cooler from where I was standing at the time, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the story. I work at a bike shop, not an office. Uh, bam.

Anyhow, that led to the painting of a painting of Aidan! Oh hey, Aidan.

We're totally bros.

We're totally bros.

Ok, to be fair, Aidan moved a lot. Am I complaining? No. I’m just saying. I like a challenge. As far as the lunch goes, well… there was coffee drank and there was cookies eaten. Is that a lunch? Definitely. Awesome! Thanks, bro!

BUT THEN, since it was my day off, I had to pack ’em in, so about an hour after Aidan left, Jaime showed up for round two! Two rounds of round two, actually… The second appearance of Jaime for a casual portrait sitting!

the next time I paint Jaime might have to be over Skype...

the next time I paint Jaime might have to be over Skype...

So it just so happened to work out that both sittings were at my apartment, and they both sat (I didn’t say a word, I just let it happen, I swear!) in exactly the same spot. Which led to some cooooool lighting effects. Aidan definitely has a morning light thing going on, and Jaime has a much more diffused afternoon/early evening light. Pretty, pretty cool. WHEW! What a day!! Thanks, guys! Oh sorry… thanks, bros!!

Oh yeah, so Jaime and I had a good old pub meal and a beer afterwards, with lunch and a portrait vet, Devin, and soon-to-be-painted, Vanessa. HA! You’re obligated now, bro.

More to come soon! I skipped out on a bunch of other stuff to bring you this hyper-update! I’m just cool like that.

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