More Painting

So that drop-in painting session is technically a two-week pose every time. Uh, but I apparently don’t have the patience to do an 8-hour painting, so I’ve just been doing a new one every week. HERE is the second week of the long-necked portrait I posted a couple days ago. Two posts back.

Before you get all weird on me, I didn’t use red. And yes, it was a conscious decision. I thought it’d be fun. And was it? Yes. I’m gonna try not bringing yellow the next time I try this limited pallette thing… and then blue the next time. Should be weird, should be fun, should be colours I’d normally never mix.

Open Paint 3

It’s interesting that I don’t normally paint a full figure. I mean, I’m drawn to portraiture much more than anything else, so I guess it’s not surprising. But it is odd that I don’t do this very often. Haha, I could probably use the practice. Also I should mention that I really like green.

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