The Lame Priest

So THIS story has a pretty cool history to it… Supposedly, when published in 1901, the story was simply attributed to, “S. Carleton.” The interesting part is that there is some argument as to who this, “S. Carleton,” is. According to The Literary Gothic website, this is Canadian author Susan Carleton Jones’ story.

Interesting because their description her work emphasizes her focus on female characters (of which The Lame Priest has none) and Canadian settings (which is where the story takes place). SO! Conundrum, eh? Apparently (haha, at least as far as I know, which isn’t saying a heck of a lot…), this attribution has never been satisfactorily corroborated.

Good Story. Good Mystery. AWESOME.

Anyhow, give the story a read! It’s pretty friggin’ cool. Ooooohhh man.

The Lame Priest

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