He Thinks He’s People

I’ve been trying to get myself back into regularly going out and drawing people… I’ll be honest, I love it. BUT I’ve been TERRIBLE at it lately. Lately as in, like, two years? No matter what I just can’t pull together a half decent drawing. And I think I used to be pretty good at it, too. That is until I got out of practice.

BUT THERE’S HOPE! I think I’m finally getting back into it! At the very least it’s starting to come more naturally. So take a look-see! These are the last few pages I’ve done… (hey, if you hate them, imagine what the one’s BEFORE this looked like… whew)

Peoples 1

That's a Scrabble score in the top corner. I lost.

Peoples 2

Is that my... BROTHER? HA!

I think I like this next one the best. It’s the most recent… except for the black drawings, they’re from months ago… I hate leaving pages unfinished.


What’s the nice thing to say? Keep drawering?

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