One Reason Why I’m Crazy

Here’s a good example of why my studio is like an optical illusion sometimes…

I was doing a painting of a couple souvenirs I bought at the Nature Museum (yes, I’m still talking about it), and I was about to go make some coffee or something when I realised what I had sitting on my desk.

The painting is pretty unfinished at the time of the phot, but REST ASSURED I finished the crap out of it a little while later.

The painting is pretty unfinished at the time of the photo, but REST ASSURED I finished the heck out of it a little while later.

At least it’s not a painting of a painting. Those really confuse me sometimes when I’m doing other stuff.

Now the FOSSIL in the painting is of Knightia Eocaena, a quite common specimen from the Green River Formation in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Why is this so cool?? Well, for starters it’s a fossil, but if for some reason that isn’t enough, the Green River Formation is one of the most unique fossil sites in the world. It was essentially an entire ecosystem that was fossilized, and therefore one of the most complete pictures of an extinct ecosystem we have. Everything from insects to plant life (quite rare otherwise) to these little fish were all preserved. And apparently since it’s such a rich site, there’s a profusion of these fossils, which I guess is why I was able to purchase one for $20. Quite a steal, if you ask me.

And it doesn’t stop there! I JUST realised after reading about the fish fossil that the ROM has a small section specifically dedicated to the Green River (“realised” meaning Jessica pointed it out to me). So the next time I’m there, you can bet I’m gonna draw the crap out of it. Learning? Don’t mind if I do.

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