Feathered Dinos

SO! While we’re on the subject of the Canadian Museum of Nature, check out this drawing…



Ok, so he wasn’t in the bird section specifically, but that’s not his fault. Oh WOW, I was excited when I found out they had Dinosaur models with SKIN. And then I found the ones with FEATHERS! So cool. Dinosaur models with flesh attached are pretty rare from what I’ve seen, and nothing is cooler than a feathered dinosaur.

Anyhow, this little guy is obviously a theropod dinosaur. But specifically which one, I don’t actually know. Now, I’ve been kicking myself for not labeling a lot of the drawings of birds that I did, which is my own stupid fault, but this guy just plain wasn’t labeled (or at least not that I saw). I’d guess Deinonychus, EXCEPT for that fact that other Deinonychus models I’ve seen were much larger, so I really donno.

BUT that brings up an interesting point; the labeling system at the Nature museum wasn’t that great. In a few different sections there was the odd thing, like this dino, that wasn’t labeled. But what they were really good for was providing extra information about what you were looking at (some of the labeling came from the information panels, but wasn’t specifically lined up with the exhibit… which is fine if it makes you THINK about what you’re looking at, which was certainly a strength of the museum, but why were some things completely unlabeled?). And this is also where the ROM falls pretty woefully short. The ROM is extensively labeled, but specific information on the specimens is far too scarce. Mostly very general and very brief background is displayed there.

For the most part, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love these places, I just thought that was a fascinating parallel. But it just goes to show that no one’s perfect… and neither am I, so I better go do some more drawings.

See you next week!

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