Rogers really sucks

Hey there, friends and loyal readers, it seems that my useless internet provider has decided going from 60GB to 2GB of monthly internet usage was a really good idea. So therefore my household and I have already reached 75% of it this month. Unfortunately that means:

1. Rogers sucks and is getting not a penny more.

2. April posts will be slightly sporatic.

3. My beard is as thick and full as ever.

BUT, I’ma find me an internet cafe, wi-fi type of thing and do some POSTING. I know, it’s a real kick in the pants cause I had a good post for this week… a real humdinger, if you know what I mean. But bandwidth is officially reserved for taxes.

Anyway folks, thanks for stopping by and as usual, be sure to visit the Corey Canvas several times a day. New posts ASAP!

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