Ok! So! On Wednesday this week Jessica and I went drawering at this awesome reptile zoo, Reptilia. Go on, click the link!

Did you click? Cause their website actually makes it look pretty crappy, but maaaaan, it’s really cool. Ripe, just plain ripe for drawing. It’s not a very big place, but it’s packed full of reptiles and what have you. The zookeepers there are pretty cool, too. You can really tell they care about the animals. In fact, the one guy had baby pictures of some of the caimans on his iphone AND he showed us a pretty cool scar he got from one of them. Great place. Here’s a page from my sketchbook…

Double Page Darlings

There’s always something cool going on, too… like feedings and getting to touch an anaconda and junk. Does this just sound like an ad for the place? I DO have a point you know… Ahem, so THIS time, there was a turtle that had just gotten gored by a caiman (interestingly NOT the same one that tried to kill that dude I mentioned). Blood everywhere, seriously. They figure the turtle started it. The bad news is that one of his arms will have to be amputated, but the GOOD news is that he’ll be just fine. “They’re tough as nails.” Yes, that is a direct quote.

Anyhow, back to art and whatnot, here’s another drawing I did…

Albino Gator

Is that a Pokemon? Oohhhhhhhhh...

AN ALBINO ALLIGATOR. He was definitely not there last time… Do you see what I mean? Really cool.

Oh and on an unrelated note, today is my birthday. Yesssss.

As an old friend of mine used to say… “I’m twenty-four!”

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