The Word is Watercolour

Most of the time I paint with acrylic paint. That’s fine and well and good and whatnot… but in a attempt to be an all around better artist, I’m always trying to keep up my skill with other media. So I found myself watercolouring the other day and did this still life…

Citrus Study

Oh yeah, I patted myself on the back, “nice job, Corey. I love you and stuff…” But then it occurred to me that I was painting citrus fruit. You know, the kind with the nice textured skin. So obviously I realized that I completely glossed over that part, which to me, would be the most important part in painting any kind of citrus.

So to redeem myself, I tried again.

Orange Study in Watercolour

I think I did a much better job the second time. But overall it was a nice reminder that I have a looooong way to go towards MASTERING watercolour.

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