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Number 3, broooos.

It’s Dan! Whoa! It’s kind of a crazy coincidence that we even ran into each other after, pffffft, like maybe 8 years? Whoa! Our places of work happened to overlap juuuust enough! Toronto is kinda crazy like that. I think CSI specifically, is very much like that. A lot of coincidences happen in that place. And I gotta say I’m pretty cool with this one.

Dan was the first person to sit on our new couch for a painting!! Even though all you can see of it is our old blanket which appears in quite a few of these paintings.

Dan was the first person to sit on our new couch for a painting!! Even though all you can see of it is our old blanket which appears in quite a few of these paintings. And now you know.

We also had a pretty intense conversation about economics, the government and used books. Which I am also pretty darn cool with.

It’s also important to note that this is the second time that yam fries have been served and consumed during a Lunch and a Portrait session. It may also be important to note that I did not have much else to offer in the way of food that evening… yup, just fries… sorry, Dan. I clearly dropped the ball on this one. The fries however, were pretty darn good.

From the painting of Greg to this one of Dan, I made a strong step forward painting a half-shaded face. That mid to dark range is kind of hard to achieve (at least with these paints?), and I think I definitely struggled with it in the painting of Greg. Yeah, keep on paintin’ on.


Greg, you old son of a… Look! I painted Greg! And it was awesome for a bunch of reasons…! One of the main ones being that I haven’t actually sat down and hung out with Greg for, oh man, probably two years!? So thanks for coming, bro! Let’s not make it the last time.

What did we talk about? Music! Shoot! First two paintings are with a couple of musicians? What are the odds?! All annoying sentences aside, I’ve always found it interesting how similar a lot of the “arts” are. Visual art and music have a lot of brother-from-another-mother things going on. Similarities, you might say. The biggest difference really just coming down to medium. But a big part of why I’ve always found that kind of similarity so interesting is that it’s not something I actively think about. It’s actually pretty easy to forget. Which is why it’s great to talk to people like Andrew and Greg who are musicians through and through. It’s a chance for me to get an insight into an art that am strictly an observer of. You know, as opposed to painting, where maybe it’s the other way around. Who knows? Cool though. Put your eyes on this…


Tea, tabbouleh, hummus, and some snagged bread ends make for some good painting and some good, good bro-ing. Sounds about right to me.

Lunch and a Portrait v3.1.5

Ok, so this time around we’ve got a new facet to the action… Steph here couldn’t stay for very long, so instead of a quick painting, I did a quick sketch (which may one day evolve into a quick etching, but we’ll get to that at a later date). Maybe I should call it Snack and Sketch? Snack and a Draw? Kind of like one word, Snackandadraw. Say it, it’s fun.

Until I perfect the name, let’s just say it’s Lunch and a Portrait version 3.1.5. It’s like a half. Yeah. But think of the possibilities… don’t have a few hours? Only 60 minutes to spare? Pssssh, we’ve got a plan for YOU!! Yeah. I’m so cool…

Steph Sketch

Anyway, Steph, I am cheerfully expecting to get a full painting out of you as soon as you have the time! Ahhh yeah.