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Oh hey! This next painting is of Mark! Another good ol’ boy from Sweet Pete’s. That makes him fourth on the roster of staff members I’ve tricked into sitting for me.

So for starters, literally, I had a sandwich and a coffee while Mark sat and patiently drew me while I ate/painted. The food is becoming quite a key issue here… I mean, I do tend to call these things “Lunch and a Portrait,” but I’ve also realized that I don’t often mention this to the person I’m painting. But what can ya do? It’s interesting though because food comes up every time in some form or another, expectedly, unexpectedly or otherwise. I think they call that fate, bros.

Anyhow, this was a two-fer in a different way, cause as I painted Mark, he drew me! A portrait of a guy making a portrait of a guy making a portrait of a guy making a portrait of a guy making a… Pretty cool, eh? Check ’em out!

Mark's version of me!

Mark's version of me!

My version of Mark!

My version of Mark!

So THEN, when Mark was actually hungry (and I didn’t have to eat in front of him this time), Mark, his wife Meredith, their friend Heather, Jessica and I had dinner at the Hogtown Vegan. Not really what I was expecting… good though. Really heavy, greasy, comfort food type-of-stuff. Who knew? Who knew vegan food could be fatty? Who ever knew a fat vegan? Zing! Hahaha… oh man, at least I think I’m funny. Good one, Corey.

Hmmm… Wait a sec… Have I crossed a line into the realm of boring by describing my dinner plans?? Nooo… No. It’s Lunch and a Portrait, dammit. I stand by that. It’s part of the experience. Aaaand it’s your fault for reading this blog anyway. Good one, Corey.


I’m getting kinda slow at posting these new paintings which is making it tougher to remember exactly what kind of food was eaten for each of these things… Cause there was food… And it was eaten…

Oh, uh, ok. With Kristen there were strawberries and iced tea.I also recall raspberries. Most likely coffee as well, but I cannot confirm that information.

But I think we’re losing focus here… KRISTEN! This is Kristen! Hey, Kristen! Kristen is what I like to call a BRO. When she’s around my knuckles get sore from all the fist-bumping. And hey look! I painted her!

Just paintin', bro.

Just paintin', bro.


This is my Mom! Hahaha, yes, it was easy to paint this, she’s always grinning like that. Pretty nice day, having my Mom up from Waterloo. I got to show her around a bit. My Mom is also a pretty nice lady. Yup.

Hi Mom.

Hi Mom.

Hmmm, now there was some kind of meal somewhere along the line here… AH-HA! Vegetarian lasagne! With sweet potato noodles and the like. Hey, I remembered! I mean, I made it, so really I should remember, but hey whatever. It was the first time I made a lasagne without noodles…

Also the most widely focused of the Lunch and a Portraits so far. Innaresting, no?


Whew! Been a while! And look! It’s Levi!

So a very interesting thing has started to happen with these portraits… people keep coming to my apartment and sitting in my living room. Ooooohhh, wow, special, huh? Ok, the point is that everyone is posing in the same room, same stuff, same walls, not so same light. It’s been pretty cool. And, because I am writing this ever so slightly in the future, and I know that the next three paintings will also be in my living roo—I mean, studio, it’s made for a bunch of reeeeaally cool similarities and some pretty huge differences. After all, I am always very interested in the changes and subtleties that take place in everyday situations (pardon me if that sounds too much like a bogus artist statement, it’s true either way. My I Am Artist project is based pretty heavily on this idea)… hence why painting such different people in such different circumstances on different days and in different weather has been, well, awesome!

Anyhow, lemme digress… Check out the painting of Levi!

I like how this one turned out.

I like how this one turned out. I think it's the most complete so far...

I gotta say, lunch this time around was reeeeally good. Really good. Jessica hung around while Levi sat for me and we had a solid three-way-bro-out. And Jessica made some veggie patties to go on some sandwiches. Some sandwiches. Sandwiches were eaten. Oh man sandwiches… Sandwiches and coffee? Food of the gods, bro.