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Saroja and Kumary

Oh hey again. The next newest lunch and a portrait type of thing was this one! Saroja and Kumary (sisters) were nice enough to sit for me this time… This being the second time for Saroja. Yessss.

Saroja and Kumary

There’s a bunch of things to say about this one… For starters, it was reeeeally interesting (and different) to be able to paint siblings together. Pretty cool comparison, I thought. It was a really interesting (low-vocabulary Mondays?) study in their similarities and their differences. Donno how evident it is in the end, you be the judge, but the differences in the temperature and tone of their skin colour was, well, really interesting. This was fun. I like twofers.

The other really fascinating (not interesting?) comparison is between this painting and the first time I painted Saroja. I had it in my head that they were actually really, really similar. But when I finally looked at them side by side there were a lot more differences than I thought. For one thing my painting style from a year ago until now has changed a lot. Haha, that was a pleasant surprise. Hmmm, well, I suppose I should say that TO ME it’s changed a lot. Maybe this is only the kind of thing that I notice… But I think it’s pretty obvious that I paint with a lot more confidence now, and that I’m actually a lot better at mixing colour. Is that perhaps, REALLY INTERESTING??

If you know Saroja, it’s also interesting (really interesting?) to think about which painting is a better likeness of her. From my perspective, they each seem to capture something slightly different, and not just in the sense of which one looks more like her.

[A third much more superfluous comparison would be that both times there was no lunch involved. Coffee the first time, tea the second. TV was also a factor. Cable the first time, a movie the second. Oh! The intricacies of art!]

More Painting

So that drop-in painting session is technically a two-week pose every time. Uh, but I apparently don’t have the patience to do an 8-hour painting, so I’ve just been doing a new one every week. HERE is the second week of the long-necked portrait I posted a couple days ago. Two posts back.

Before you get all weird on me, I didn’t use red. And yes, it was a conscious decision. I thought it’d be fun. And was it? Yes. I’m gonna try not bringing yellow the next time I try this limited pallette thing… and then blue the next time. Should be weird, should be fun, should be colours I’d normally never mix.

Open Paint 3

It’s interesting that I don’t normally paint a full figure. I mean, I’m drawn to portraiture much more than anything else, so I guess it’s not surprising. But it is odd that I don’t do this very often. Haha, I could probably use the practice. Also I should mention that I really like green.

Devin and a portrait

Well as I quickly run out of free-innernet time, I gotta keep posting…

So! The old Lunch and a Portrait thing was recently reinstated! At least the portrait part… oh wait! I almost forgot, Devin DID have dinner with Jessica and I that night. Hey! Alright!

Yeah, that really is a pink wing-back chair. It's pretty friggin cool, bro.

Yeah, that really is a pink wing-back chair. It's pretty friggin cool, bro.

Anyhow, Devin is an old bro of mine from waaaaaay back! Oh hey bro. I appreciate this portrait because I got to mix that greyish, greenish, five-o’clock-shadow colour. I love that colour. Don’t know why… It usually only comes up in self-portraits. And Devin will appreciate this post because of how many times I have used the word, “bro.” Thanks, Devin. Solid.

Finally a freaking update.

Regular posts will return in February?? Who writes this crap? Oh wait… I do. What’s that saying? Nothing to blame but blame yourself? Hmm, maybe that’s fear… Anyhow, now that I’ve most likely lost whatever scarce readership I may have had before (thanks for hanging in there, Dan… I know you’re reading this), through some kind of magical innernet fluke, I have innernet for a month. THEREFORE, I can do a bunch of posting for a bit. Cool, eh? Well, maybe to me… and possibly Dan. He’ll appreciate the posts. Thanks, bro.

So getting right down to it, I’ve been dropping in on a drop-in painting session at the Toronto School of Art. Pretty cool; four hours, one pose, and some freaking PAINT. Ka-bam. This is the first one froooom, uh, I think early March?

I figured this one was finished a bit early and did a bunch of sketches after. Are they posted here? Nope. Why not? Good question.

I figured this one was finished a bit early and did a bunch of sketches after. Are they posted here? Nope. Why not? Donno.

Ah, you know what? I haven’t posted in a while, let’s up the ante. Here’s the one from the next week…

Didn't finish this one early, but who's counting?

Didn't finish this one early, but who's counting?

So if you wanna get technical and in-depth here, aka leave know if you have a short attention span, both weeks I brought a pretty limited colour range. I decided to stop using synthetic pigments and go for the richer, more toxic stuff… ah yeah. Anyway, that means I have a bunch of old colours I don’t use anymore, and I’ve only been bringing those ones to these painting sessions. It’s oddly freeing to restrict your pallette. You know you can’t rely on colours you’d normally use, so you end up experimenting more… or at least that’s how it works with me. Oh me oh my.

They’re also painted on unprimed masonite, which is a hell of a lot of fun. The wood actually absorbs a lot of paint, so if you don’t layer up the paint, you don’t get any opacity. Really interesting to work with. And probably the antithesis of “archival.” Screw it, bro.