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Working on Watercolour

‘Tis the season for squashes. Not Christmas music, squashes (maybe it’s just squash… you know, like deer?). Anyway, we have a bunch of them, edible and non-edible alike, so I thought I’d paint them. Seemed appropriate.

Nah, you don't wanna click on it.

Nah, you don't wanna click on it.

Yeeeah, it’s not the greatest thing in the world… It holds up pretty well from a distance, but it kinda falls apart up-close. Actually this is the first time I’ve watercoloured since this post from quite a while ago. Well, just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

Main Site Update!

…well that title pretty much says it all, but I’ll say it again! The Corey Canvas has been updated! There’s something new in every section of the main site (if you’ve been there recently you might need to “clear private data,” or something equivalent in your browser to be able to see it though… I always forget that while I’m uploading stuff and then think, “WHY HASN’T IT UPDATED!?!” But maybe that’s just me…), there’s a good 17 new images. Even the Info section has been updated! Go on, take a look!

Dracula For Sale

Hello! I had these here Dracula Prints in an exhibition in Collingwood… and they didn’t sell… and I don’t have room for them… SO! What am I getting at? They’re up for sale!

Need 'em? Want 'em? Got 'em?

Need 'em? Want 'em? Got 'em?

The price for one, frame, matte and all is $135, including shipping (in Canada). Want all three? That’d be $330. Rock-bottom prices, I know, but trust me, I have not gone crazy (well, not crazier at least).

Anyhow, this is something I’ve never directly done on my blog before, so if you’re interested in these guys, or anything else for that matter, e-mail me at corey@coreycanvas.com!