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Brand New Still Life

Well now! Here’s a brand new painting that I just finished. It’s new. I just finished it. BRAND NEW!!

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah, it’s a bunch of vegetables from my garden. AND I painted them on top of produce stickers (that I’ve been collecting for a good two years now… do you have any idea how many of them it takes to cover a 16 x 20 canvas??).

Wait a second, home grown veggies on top of produce stickers? Irony? Juxtaposition? Political statement?? YOU DECIDE!!

Go ahead, click it! Zoom in! Look at those stickers!

Go ahead, click it! Zoom in! Look at those stickers!

Anyhow, it was a lot of fun painting overtop of the horrible mound of wrinkly stickers. Especially because the way I painted it was supposed to deny the fact that it’s on such an uneven ground. I love me a challenge.

It’s called, “Home Grown.” Is that the ten-metre diet? HA! ZING!!

Dan Fedy… in print?!

WHOA-HO! Guess what?! The portrait I did of my pal Dan is gonna be in Creative Quarterly Magazine! I am a winner in the Fine Art category. Haha, how about that?

It’ll be in the Winter 2010 edition, so feel free to clear out magazine racks and buy five copies for your Mother and stuff…

Hmmm, now I just have to stop my Mom from actually buying five copies…

Good Old Desk of Mine

Oh hi. You might remember a while back I tried to explain why I’m nuts. If not, you can click here. Anyhow, it’s mostly because of the fun-house that is my studio. Here’s another good example of why it’s just plain weird to be in there sometimes.

There's a bit of a glare, but you don't mind.

There's a bit of a glare, but you don't mind.

How did I paint BOTH of my hands? Magic.

Sorry but this one is unfinished, too. If you want to see it finished you’ll just have to purchase the I Am Artist book. Coming pretty soon, I promise! I also promised something to do with the Queen of England… yeeeeeah I’ll get to that. You go ahead and stay tuned or typed or whatever it is the kids are doing these days.