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My Business is Cards

SO! There I was Friday afternoon… hours away from a gallery opening (my first one! …awwww, he’s growing up) and needing some kind of a business card… so what do I do? Shoot! I made me some business cards! Check ’em out, go on! Go on!

Business Cards 1

Classy little suckers, aren’t they? Website on the inside, the death pose on the outside…

Inside Business Card

Is that coreycanvas thing in the corner really necessary?

Death Pose Card 2

How did I do it, you ask? Well I’ll tell you!

I had to cut down some 8.5 x 11 card stock, score it along the back, fold it… carve a lino block with my website… here’s where it gets tricky…

The next step was to wreck two of them cause a stencil I had of the death pose dino from a while back really, really didn’t work. So at the very last minute I carved a new dino out of a lino block (another failed Dracula illustration put to good use).

Long story short, I stole the idea of a lino block business card from my dear brother (credit where credit is due). But I put a pretty severe Corey twist on it, if you know what I mean.

Death Pose Card

Not bad for three hours of work. I made exactly 50. The coolest part is that I can always carve another block or two and add some more information for future business carding.

Gouache Birds

Well, ever since the reinstatement of the Flatlanders BBQ (click it click it click it), I’ve been dipping into the gouache like nobody’s business. It feels strange though, I have to say, to pick up a paint I used to LOVE about 3 or 4 years ago and haven’t used since.

I can’t say our relationship hasn’t changed, that would be naive, we’re both different people (or y’know, inanimate art supplies) now. Life has taken us down different paths only to have us find each other again. And I have to believe it was for a reason…

Recognize two of these birds?? (I don't mean from bird watching)

Recognize two of these birds?? (Hint: I don't mean from bird watching)

Anyhow, fate aside, to get back into gouache and also for an excuse to paint some birds, I painted some birds. For some of them I used some really simple sketches and a few notes on colour that I had made at the Zoo a little while back. So they’re kind of half made up, which is something I don’t do enough. Good old gouache.

The Blog is Back!

Officially, finally and OFFICIALLY, weekly posts are back on the Corey Canvas.


Thank you, really, it’s great to be back. Internet is apparently plentiful over here, and quite a bit faster, too. Does that matter to you, the reader? No. But it matters to me, and that, I think, is enough.

Speaking of enough, I think I’ve made my point here (and then some). Uh, free meds and meet local singles TONIGHT!