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Even more blog-rocking fun

Hey there! YOU, loyal reader (if in fact you actually exist… which pretty smoothly brings up the topic of cryptozoology, if I do say so myself), should check out the BRAND NEW format of the world famous (prove that it’s not) Flatlanders BBQ.

Dinosaurs and Cryptozoology, that’s all I’m gonna say… That’s all I need to say. See you there, jerks.

Adventures in Drawing


Uh, well, I’ve found a wi-fi connection for now, so what am I gonna do with it? POST, dammit! I mentioned a certain humdinger of a post I had going, and here, folks, it is.

So Jessica and I went on a drawing excursion the other week to Wings of Paradise… it’s a butterfly conservatory in Guelphish-type area. Sound boring? Screw you. It’s a nice place with plenty of… butterflies? HA!

Anyhow, here’s the sketches I did…

Wings of Paradise

Note the prized bouganveilia in the top right corner?? Well, I can only assume it’s prized because 1. it’s pretty grand and 2. it’s a hell of a lot bigger than my own prized bouganveilia. You know, I should post of drawing of that for a size comparison… THEN you’ll see. Uh, also note the leather strap that holds my sketch book closed right over top of the bouganveilia… Yeah… well, I’m at a cafe right now and using the wi-fi signal from the Cora’s next door, so I’m not exactly in a position to re-scan it. TRY to enjoy the drawings.

Rogers really sucks

Hey there, friends and loyal readers, it seems that my useless internet provider has decided going from 60GB to 2GB of monthly internet usage was a really good idea. So therefore my household and I have already reached 75% of it this month. Unfortunately that means:

1. Rogers sucks and is getting not a penny more.

2. April posts will be slightly sporatic.

3. My beard is as thick and full as ever.

BUT, I’ma find me an internet cafe, wi-fi type of thing and do some POSTING. I know, it’s a real kick in the pants cause I had a good post for this week… a real humdinger, if you know what I mean. But bandwidth is officially reserved for taxes.

Anyway folks, thanks for stopping by and as usual, be sure to visit the Corey Canvas several times a day. New posts ASAP!

Kitty Likes Maple

Here is yet another example of the everyday horror that is the Jackaroon. I found out via a maple sucker wrapper that my cat really likes maple syrup. Is that strange? Maybe not, but that combined with vegan soy cheddar, you have yourself a monster.

This is a pretty old drawing and yet... TIMELESS.

This is a pretty old drawing and yet... TIMELESS.

But unfortunately I’m just kinda biding my time with this post (I know, you really shouldn’t admit to that kind of thing, but I’m just cool like that), cause I screwed up a Dracula illustration like nobody’s business.

Seriously, last time one didn’t turn out I made it into a pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) lino print about sushi cravings, but this one… well this one needs to be destroyed like nobody’s business. Maaaan, I thought had that drawing doooooown. Just goes to show the kind of weird things that can go wrong from a sketch to the final version. Today I learned that there is a very thin line between a vampire babe and a transvestite.

I quite literally have to go back to the drawing board on this one, folks.

Oh yeah, and kitty is using his people-feet.