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Christmas Dinos

Christmas Dino

For starters, Merry Christmas!

This week I have a bunch of chocolates that I made to go along with Jessica’s (my darling girlfriend) Christmas baking. I felt left out.

So I made dinosaurs! …and Batmans!

Dino Chocolates

Batman Chocolates

Tree Chocolates

They were presents, so I can only assume they were delicious.

Ornithology: Lesson 1

Bird Page

Here’s a page of birdies from the ROM (just around the end of November, I think). They’re done just in black marker. With all the painting I do, I want to make sure I keep up my drawing, and only using lines is a huge shift from full colour brushstrokes. Gives me brain a workout, y’know?

Plus I have a thing for birds.

Bird Couple


A Bob for all Seasons


Around the beginning of November Bob Dylan played a concert in Kitchener and it was all kinds of awesome. I was pretty dazzled so I drew this when I got home.

Man, he’s cool.

And I can’t help thinking about the guy since I started listening to his hilariously good Christmas album, so I figured putting this drawing up makes sense.



This is an illustration for Dracula, by Bram Stoker, with the corresponding excerpt from the book. It’s the first one that I’ve finished so far, but I plan on illustrating the entire book.

Oooh, stay tuned.

Hey, there’s a blog now!

HELLO! Welcome to the brand new Corey Canvas Weblog!

And hey, thanks for coming! Be sure to come back for weekly (that’s right, weekly) updates and a bunch of stuff you won’t see on the rest of the site.