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The Body Snatcher

Oh hey! Another book cover! What are the odds?

Maaaaaan, The Body Snatcher is an awesome story. Just awesome. Robert Louis Stevenson is such a kickass author. Man. Anyway, take a look!

I picked orange for this post, but this cover has the widest range of colour that I've done for any of the other eight. It gradates from yellow to orange to red to brown.

I picked orange for this post, but this cover has the widest range of colour that I've tried out of any of the other eight books. It gradates from yellow to orange to red to brown. Well, whaddaya know?

So while we’re on the subject, the book I’m reading right now is a collection called Scottish Ghost Stories. The Body Snatcher is in it, along with a few other R.L.S. stories, it’s also one of I think three collections I have that contains The Body Snatcher… Well, maybe that’s the bane of all short story readers; do I buy this book because there’s 10 I haven’t read to every 1 that I have read? Hopefully it’s not just me being stupid.

ANYHOW, in this collection I just finished No Man’s Land, by John Buchan. Man! It was a CLASSIC! It’s got everything I look for in a good horror story… specifically the RIDICULOUS ideal of the English gentleman. Emotion? Nope, that’s for women. Superstition? Nope, that’s for the religious or the insane. Science and science alone? Yes, please. And by the way, I’ll be going hunting this afternoon; get my things ready.

HA! It’s such a baffling archetype, but I can’t help but love it. More prints next week!

The Lame Priest

So THIS story has a pretty cool history to it… Supposedly, when published in 1901, the story was simply attributed to, “S. Carleton.” The interesting part is that there is some argument as to who this, “S. Carleton,” is. According to The Literary Gothic website, this is Canadian author Susan Carleton Jones’ story.

Interesting because their description her work emphasizes her focus on female characters (of which The Lame Priest has none) and Canadian settings (which is where the story takes place). SO! Conundrum, eh? Apparently (haha, at least as far as I know, which isn’t saying a heck of a lot…), this attribution has never been satisfactorily corroborated.

Good Story. Good Mystery. AWESOME.

Anyhow, give the story a read! It’s pretty friggin’ cool. Ooooohhh man.

The Lame Priest

The Phantom Rickshaw

Mr. Kipling, you wrote one heck of a story here…

Oh hello! Didn’t see you there. Just uh, talking to myself, that’s all.

JACK? It’s all a mistake Jack…

The Phantom Rickshaw is an awesome story. As you can see, I’ve never been the same.

Hahaha, anyway, if you were at any of the outdoor exhibitions I did these last two weekends, this might be old news to you, but it hasn’t made it onto the blog yet! So here’s the cover I made!

This is just one colour variation... a few posts ago there was a TANTALIZING peek at this one, so check backward a bit if you wanna see what I mean.

This is just one colour variation... a few posts ago there was a TANTALIZING peek at this one, so check back a little bit in the archive if you wanna see what I mean.

So there you have it! The Lame Priest and The Body Snatcher still have yet to make an appearance on here as well as ALL of my bird prints, so please, come back next week! ALSO, if you wanna read about what I’ve been up to lately, please check out the post right before this one! HA! Till next week!!

News News News

MAN! Toronto Outdoor Art last weekend, Guelph Art on the Street on Saturday and the Kava Bean in Kitchener yesterday… WHEW!

Ok… I need to throw a little disclaimer in here… I know that a lot of the time on blogs people tend to just gush about something or other. You know, like, “wow, what awesome people, it’s great to be me and to be loved so much,” and stuff like that that I frankly think sounds pretty bogus. SO! Having said that, I wanna be clear that I really mean what I’m about to say here. Alright? Awesome.

So anyhow, I had a really great time at those three exhibitions! And if you’re one of the people who came by my booth and talked to me, you’re definitely the reason I enjoyed it so much! I don’t think I could really properly describe how nice it is to talk to someone who likes and understands what I do. I mean, it’s one thing to love what you do, but it’s another to know that someone else can see where you’re coming from. And hey, hopefully if you’re one of those people you’re reading this right now so you can see how much I appreciate it! So thanks, everybody!

ALSO, if you happened by my booth and you decided to read on of the stories I did a book cover for, let me know! Oh man, let me know! I had so many awesome book-nerd conversations over the last week… That was one of my favourite parts, and it’d be really cool to extend that to the comment section on the blog here! Hahaha of course this is gonna sound really stupid in a week or two when this post still says, “No Comments.” But hey, I tried.

Oh yeah, and on top of that, there’s a Corey Canvas re-vamp coming up pretty soon, so that my Printmaking can have it’s own section instead of being confined to the blog. Cool! AAAAARRT!!!

Art on the Street!!

Art on the Street! Guelph! 10-5! Today! All day! Oh man… if only I had posted this days ago! Come by!