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The Artist Project

The 2017 Artist Project show was February 23 – 26 this year. And hey, whaddaya know? I was in it! It was a really good weekend of talking about art, meeting new people (hey, maybe you’re reading this because you came by my booth! Thanks for visiting my website!), and having a chance to show my work to a lot of people who have never seen it before!

I put up my favourites of my 2015 Italy paintings and two tantalizingly new pieces… Two mythology-based paintings which are the beginning of a whooole new body of work. Exciting, don’t ya think? Take a look at my setup!

Setup was on my birthday. Thanks go to Nina for this one!

My booth as a whole. Very simple, clean setup. See that trunk though? Makes you feel warm, doesn’t it? Kinda homey, isn’t it? You might say it… really ties the room together.

Lookit that grin! Grinning like a fool! Thanks to Nikki for taking this!

Looks Like My Paintings Have Gone COFFEE PUBLIC!

Get it??

Well you don’t have to get it, CAUSE THEY’RE THERE! At Coffee Public down at ol’ College and Bay in dirty ol’ Toronto! Ain’t that nice? I think it’s nice…

My paintings have come down back at Starving Artist, but these DIFFERENT paintings from Italy are now up fer yer viewing pleasure! And coffee pleasure! Go on, go and have a coffee! I dare ya. And get a muffin, too. Or even a cookie. Cause CHANCES ARE I made those, too!

But let’s get back to the paintings! Rather than my landscapey plein-air bros, these are specifically of the statues in Florence. From my faaaaavourite place in Florence! Yes, even more so than the Museo La Specola, and yes, I know that sounds outrageous, but hear me out. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, they’re from the Loggia Dei Lanzi in Piazza Della Signoria. But I’ve talked about this place befooooorrre. Just scroll on back through the blog a little bit! So anyhow, I thought they’d look real good on the concrete pillars at Coffee Public!


Oh this painting, THIS PAINTING, is the SECOND LAST one that I did in Italy! Just the night before I left! Powerful fuggin stuff, bros.

Oh this painting, THIS PAINTING, is the SECOND LAST one that I did in Italy! Just the night before I left! Powerful fuggin stuff, bros.

Some fun facts about these paintings… They were all painted in the middle of the night in a goddam gigantic and empty plaza in the heart of the friggin city of Florence! Ohhhh man, was it beautiful. Get up and coffee-up in the morning, wander and paint all afternoon (possibly in a museum), come home and make dinner, cool the frig off, take er easy fer a bit, get the ol’ travel setup ready to go and roll outta the house around 11… Set up in the piazza around midnight juuuuust when the place empties out of tourists and then, bros… BROS. Beautiful night of painting aheada ya. Definitely helps that half of the goddam sum of Western art is like 25 feet away within the walls of the Uffizi. *Sigh* It was g r e a t .

Starving Artist Shows Recent Work at Starving Artist

I shouldn’t say that. I eat pretty well. Mostly coffee and donuts, but like, a lot of coffee and donuts. Like, no shortage. It’s also not really something to joke about. But we’re getting way off-topic here…

I’ve got some paintings on display right now! Can you believe it? Me! Showing my paintings? Noooo… but yeah! Totally am, bro! Some paintings from my pilgrimage-thing to Italy from last Summer are up at Starving Artist on Lansdowne! Right here in sunny* Toronto.

*It’s definitely been sunny at some point. It has happened. I’m reasonably sure of this.

Right up until these went up on the walls a grand total of approximately (I say approximately cause when you’re dealing with number that are this astronomical… well… accuracy is nearly impossible) 5 people had ever seen them. So pretty rad to think these were NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN paintings! And I suppose there’s also the fact that they’ve got my goddam heart and soul mixed right in with the paint… you know, if you like that kind of thing.

There are ten of them! Go take a look! Have a great breakfast while you’re at it! Starving Artist definitely comes Corey-recommended. What the hell have you got to lose?

Always beware of reflections when taking cellphone pictures...

Always beware of reflections when taking cellphone pictures…

This statue looks awfully familiar, doesn't it?

This statue looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

I promised myself I'd go back and take better pictures at some point. I didn't do that.

I promised myself I’d go back and take better pictures at some point. I didn’t do that.




But yo, if we can be real for a second here, it’s time for a confession… I have a pretty hilariously small amount of experience with hanging paintings. Keep in mind I tried. Oh, I did try. But these aren’t perfectly¬†straight. Maybe even a little lopsided and uneven. There, I said it. Now you know. Ha! But what are YOU gonna do about it? I friggin dare ya to go in there with a level and see if they don’t tell ya to siddown, shaddap and order some goddam waffles. That’s what I thought, waffles or gtfo.

The Castle of Otranto

This is it. The one. The tip of the top. The creme de la creme.

Ok, enough colloquialisms… but this IS pretty exciting. Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto, is THE FIRST Gothic Horror. Oh yeah, this is where it aaaaaall started. Well, theoretically. But generally speaking and historically speaking,¬† this is the beginning of the genre. Whether or not it sparked the genre, or was simply the first of a movement that was starting regardless, who knows.

Either way, this is the big one.

Flourished story, flourished cover.

Flourished story, flourished cover.

The Gothic text was a dream to carve. Seriously. I was also watching Star Trek the Motion Picture while I did it (the old one, not the new one… you know, with VGER. Oh man…), so I guess everything just really came together that day.

Haha, does it take away from the image when I reveal stuff like that?

The Devil-Fish

Oh my. Lots of stuff. This past weekend, I was all set up at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto. Which was a lot of fun… other than an event like that you don’t really get the chance to stand there with your work and see how people react to it. Pretty cool. And there were lots of nice people, too. Aaaand the weekend before, I was all set up and stuff at the Sunnyside Art Show and Sale on the Lakeshore in Toronto. And there were lots of nice people there, too! Oh my. Lots of stuff.

And speaking of stuff, my back-log of prints to post has gotten pretty big, so let’s just jump right back in, shall we?

Now The Devil-Fish isn’t actually the title of a book, but rather a chapter from The Sea-Travelers by Victor Hugo. But that’s ok cause it’s only a half-size book cover. And it’s only a half-size cover because I originally made this print to be part of a print exchange, and 3.5 x 5 inches was the maximum print size. Pretty convenient considering my regular book covers are all 5 x 7.

Anyhow, I printed the editions on a big sheet of Stonehenge paper and cut them out after. I’ve done a second run of it since, so take a look!

Had to allow for a 5 x 7 sheet size...

Had to allow for a 5 x 7 sheet size...

The page in the corner turned into bookmarks...

The page in the corner turned into bookmarks...

Hey! And here we go! As of this weekend, this is officially my most popular book cover!

Hey! And here we go!